ReSilience of long-lived MARine sTructural species in a changing world: towards a sustainable coastal management and restoration (SMART)


Rosana Arizmendi-Mejía is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Barcelona and the ICM-CSIC, under the supervision of Cristina Linares, Jean-Baptiste Ledoux and Joaquim Garrabou. The main objective of her thesis is to study the contemporary connectivity (at a scale of hundreds of meters) of Paramuricea clavata and to examine the effects of the ocean´s raising temperature on the population dynamics of this species, with the ultimate goal of establishing conservation measures that would allow a more effective management of Mediterranean marine reserves. In the past, she was also involved in research projects related to the ecophysiology of seabirds and to the conservation genetics and connectivity of other marine invertebrates.

Selected publications:

  • Arizmendi-Mejía R, Militão T, Viscor G, González-Solís J (2013). Pre-breeding ecophysiology of a long-distance migratory seabird. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 443, 162-168.
  • Garrabou J, Arizmendi R, Ballesteros E, Bally M, Bensousan N, Casas E, Cebrian E, Crisci C, Hereu B, Kersting DK, Kipson S, Ledoux JB, La Rivière M, Linares C, Romano JC, Sala E, Teixidó N, Zabala M (2012). Assesing conservation status of mediterranean rocky benthic communities dominated by long-lived species: insights on effective conservation and managements plans. Forum Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas, Antalya, Turkey.
  • Arizmendi-Mejía R, Robainas-Barcia A, García-Merchán VH, Abelló P, Macpherson E and Pascual M (2011). Latitudinal clines of mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms along the distribution area of the Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus). III Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Biología Evolutiva. Noviembre 21-25, 2011.
  • García-Merchán VH, Robainas-Barcia A, Arizmendi-Mejía R, Macpherson E, Abelló P and Pascual M (2011). Oceanographic discontinuities in the Atlantic-Mediterranean transition: A geometric- morphometric view in the portunid crab Liocarcinus depurator. Jornadas de Biología Evolutiva, Sociedad Catalana de Biología. Julio 11 de 2011.


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