ReSilience of long-lived MARine sTructural species in a changing world: towards a sustainable coastal management and restoration (SMART)




  1. To explore the consequences of the loss of density/biomass in the reproduction and recruitment of model species.
  2. To examine the contemporary connectivity of these species within and between populations.
  3. To investigate the link between warming impacts and genetic diversity at the population and individual levels.
  4. To assess the potential impact of future temperature anomalies and potential adaptative processes: a) studying the thermal tolerance features of model species living in contrasting temperature regimes and b) examining the effects of genetic diversity on the resistance of populations facing the temperature warming.
  5. From the results obtained in the fourth objectives, to provide the scientific understanding needed to develop effective conservation actions: what, how and where to restore through proactive management (restoration through transplants) and the design of marine reserves.